About Us

Welcome to The Joods Tech

We help organisations in their digitalisation journey through Website Development, Social Media Marketing, CRM, AV Solutions & Softwares


Who Are We

We are a group of vibrant young entrepreneurs  who have decided to chase their passion and deliver great digital contents to great businesses at an affordable price. Being Alumni of India’s top engineering institutions we have a National level expertise in the Digital Media Realm.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine commercial thinking with technical brilliance in website design and development, search engine optimization and pay per click, content generation, online communications and social media. We will walk the extra mile to deliver quality products and complete them within the timeframe. 

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We brainstorm with the customer to understand the gaps and their requirements. We also discover the best practices & methodologies from around the globe.



We define the outcomes. We define the strategy to attain the desired outcomes and plan out a structured process.



We create bespoke designs that truly represents the brand and culture.



Development, adjustments and confirmation, along with the proof of concept.



We Deploy the developed work in the desired channels with atmost attention to detail and precision. 



Delivering Quality works within the stipulated time, and closely working together to validate the impact of our works.

Why Choose Us?

We provide best quality designs and contents to your business. We combine a perfect blend of creative, technical, marketing and analytical skills to deliver world class contents to our clients.



We provide our customers with exceptional customer service and is Eveready to solve customer queries and issues.  

We understand that building a great businesses costs a fortune. We can guarantee you that our prices wouldn’t add on to that burden. We provide great contents at a cheap price. You don’t have to think about outsourcing it to some unknown parties in India.  

You want it now ? You will have it now. We have a young and passionate team who works day in and out to make JoodsTech the best digital media company in Dubai, UAE.

Happy customers are our greatest ambassadors. We make sure that our clients are satisfied and will return back for more. 

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